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too fast to live, too young to die

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My heart breaks like the waves
My heart wavers like the wind
My love disappears like smoke
Like a tattoo, it doesn't erase

dione/gd/key clare/ri/jonghyun!

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almighty key, bling bling jonghyun, chinky smiled dae, chunnieface, clare/dione/gd bff, dumb gifs representin' love, fashion, flaming charisma minho, gay sparkly font, gd/dione/key/clare/ri/jonghyun = sexytime, hay yunho haaay, i'm-sleeping-at-3-i-swear, jae's big head, jongkey/claredi otp, key can't wash rice...but taemin can!, naps, one touch min, photography, pink polo + pink sweater = love, princess leia towel buns, seungri is my boyfriend, su/ri fic, sugar daddy pimp top, taemin/ri, umma!key

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